Celebrity Couples You Didn’t Know Met Online

Long before the internet age, many found love the old-fashioned way, either by flirting the ones we deemed “the one” or doing acts that are just charming. Today, though, that has changed. With a lot of our daily activities such as online classes, buying stuff, and other transactions done on the web, it is plausible that the way we meet our true love can be done online. Social media websites like Facebook and Instagram and other platforms designed to meet up potential lovers, such as Tinder, have made the search much easier.

Even with the ease of finding the one you love, it is still pretty much an uphill battle. After everything is said and done online, you still have to meet your online date in real life. This struggle also applies to our favorite celebrities. While some of them may still do it the old-fashioned way, that has not been the case more often. Some relationships have ended almost immediately, but the ones that last give credit to social media for putting them together.

Here are those celebrity couples who found their love online.


Mandy Moore & Taylor Goldsmith

It is quite impressive how the relationship between singer and actress Mandy Moore and Dawes frontman Taylor Goldsmith has lasted. The two met back in 2015, and Moore credits Instagram for bringing her and Goldsmith together. She took a picture of a Dawes album, which Goldsmith noticed, and sent a note in response. Soon after that, the two exchanged messages, and the rest was history.

Rita Ora & Calvin Harris

This one found its beginning and end online. DJ Calvin Harris and singer Rita Ora started talking over on Twitter back in 2013. Despite the well-publicized feelings between the two, their relationship soon fell apart by June of the next year. It seems that their relationship was a miss to a significant degree. Since then, the two have moved on into different relationships.


Ricky Martin & Jwan Yosef

Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef cannot get enough of each other. The pop star met the Swedish painter through Instagram, where Martin came across some of Yosef’s artwork while browsing. Impressed by his works, Martin started sending messages to Yosef, and eventually, things turned romantic. By April of 2016, they made their relationship official during a gala in Sao Paulo. Since then, the two have been married for about four years.


Amy Schumer & Ben Hanisch

Ben Hanisch had never thought that his first match on a dating app would be Amy Schumer. He met the comedian on the platform Raya in 2016. The two dated for about a year and a half until they called it quits in May 2017. Today, Schumer has moved on and settled down with Chris Fischer since 2018 and shares a son with him. The two now make an investment to take care of their kid quite well. As for Hanisch, he appears to have moved on, as well.


Aly Raisman & Colton Underwood

Like many of us who watched the Olympics, Colton Underwood was impressed by the gymnast’s performance during the competition. Her display of gymnastic skill got credits for bringing two gold medals during the 2012 Olympics in London. However, Underwood went a bit further in his praise by posting a video asking Raisman out. As a result, he got a six-month relationship with her.


Ariana Grande & Jai Brooks

Among the many men that Ariana Grande dated over the years, Jai Brooks perhaps has the most interesting beginning of the bunch. Prior to them dating, Brooks was already fascinated with the pop star. He was so into her that he made a video explaining why she should date him, which he posted online. Apparently, it worked. The couple had an on-and-off relationship until 2014 when they ended their relationship.


Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa

While we know Amber Rose with her highly notorious relationship with Johnny Depp, she was once in love with rapper Wiz Khalifa. After Wiz said he had a crush on Heard in an interview, the actress reached out to him on Twitter. Next thing you know, they had an in-person meetup and tied the knot soon after. However, it only took a year before their relationship crumbled completely.


Sarah Paulson & Holland Taylor

Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor may have one of the most wholesome relationships out there. While the two met way back in the mid-2000s, they only started dating after reconnecting on Twitter. Today, the two have remained strong, despite gossip and rumors about them over the years.