Celebrities Who Discovered Or Produced Other Famous Artists

Many in the music industry started their careers with a boost from other celebrities, helping them in numerous ways to reach the top. These established celebrities sometimes found prospective music artists on social media platforms like YouTube or Instagram, either by becoming viral or just plain happenstance. They saw potential and wanted to help them share it with the world and inspire others through their songs—credit to their compassion.

Other famous artists who were discovered first had their tapes sent over to other celebrity artists. After listening to their music, these celebrities offered contracts to these singers and musicians, making them more famous and wealthy after many years. They’re able to sustain their success through their songs, eventually venturing into creating companies leveraging on their fame. They have these celebrities to thank for. If not for them, their careers wouldn’t even exist at this very moment. But on the other hand, fans also have to thank them since they’re also the reason they’re enjoying the music of their favorite artists.

Let’s find out about these celebrities who discovered other famous artists.

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is among the most popular singers in the world, releasing chart-topping songs like Thinking Out Loud, Perfect, Lego House, and many more, thanks to Jamie Foxx for helping launch the English singer’s career to a great degree. In an interview for The Graham Norton Show, the actor revealed he helped put the singer on the map by letting him crash on his couch for several weeks before Sheeran became famous.

Justin Bieber

The musical journey of Justin Bieber began after Scooter Braun, a former marketing executive in an American record label, accidentally clicked one of the singer’s videos on YouTube. Impressed, he tracked down Bieber’s school and contacted his mother. A week later, he was introduced to R&B singer Usher, his mentor, and was signed on to Raymond Braun Music at the time. Now, Bieber is one of the most famous singers in the world.


Rihanna is one of the most renowned and most recognizable singers in the world today, selling millions of records throughout her career. She’s also known for her beauty line investment, Fenty Beauty, and her lingerie collection Savage X Fenty. But before her popularity, her career began when a copy of her music was sent to Def Jam Records. However, Jay Z, the then company president, wanted to hear her sing live. Rihanna eventually made her way to New York from Barbados. She sang a Whitney Houston track, and Jay Z signed her to Def Jam Records.


Eminem became a household name starting in the late 1990s. But before he became a successful rapper, he was first rap battling in Detroit, Michigan, which was dominated by Black Americans back then, trying to prove his worth. Eminem placed second in the Rap Olympics back in 1997, and a copy of his EP ended up in Dr. Dre’s hands. After listening to his music, it was said that the latter told the people around him to find Eminem immediately. Dr. Dre initially received some hate for supporting a white rapper. Despite it all, he made Slim Shady what he is today—great investment planning for talents.

Lil Wayne

At age 8, Lil Wayne met rapper Birdman, the owner of Cash Money Records. He wanted to get the latter’s attention and decided to leave rap messages on his answering machine until he called back. Luckily for Wayne, it worked out well. By the time he turned 12, Birdman had signed him on to Cash Money Records, becoming the youngest member of the music label.