Celebrities Who Were Discovered By Chance

Many celebrities had set their eyes to be Hollywood stars from an early age,  while others found it much later in life. However, not all of their experiences are the same to a great degree. Some were born in a family of actors, while others had to work hard to be where they were now. But whichever it might be, they all arrived at the point of fame, wealth, and success.

Perhaps stardom is a destiny for other people. As luck would have it, some celebrities were discovered while walking on the streets, sitting on a bench, or serving in a restaurant. These are interesting stories to tell years later to inspire other aspiring stars not to lose hope of their dream of becoming a celebrity one day. Just one chance and everything in their lives can change in an instant, and that chance is the starting point of so much adventure, fame, and affluence in the years to come.

Read on and find out more about the celebrities who were discovered by chance.

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson is one of the Hollywood celebrities who had a breakthrough in unexpected circumstances. In the past, while struggling for work, he finally landed an audition for the film Mad Max. But the night before the big audition, Gibson got into a bar fight, which caused him to show up the following day all bruised up—no lawyer was involved, though. He thought he had ruined his chances of securing the spot, but the filmmakers liked his rugged look and thought his appearance fit the role perfectly.

Natalie Portman

It’d be a surprise to know that some celebrities didn’t set their sights on becoming famous stars in Hollywood, just like Natalie Portman. While eating at a local pizza parlor at age 11, a representative of Revlon cosmetics approached her and suggested that a modeling career is perfect for Portman. The latter was strongly encouraged to do so. Initially, the actress wasn’t really seeking to become a model and wanted to pursue an acting career instead. Eventually, Portman became both a model and an actress.

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is an acclaimed Hollywood actress who starred in several big-named films, including Mad Max: Fury Road. For many years, she’s been a household name, but that wasn’t always the case. Theron wanted to be one of two things when she was younger—model or ballerina. Eventually, she decided that she loved dancing more and wanted to become a ballerina. Her dream was crushed after sustaining a knee injury for some hard luck. An agent then discovered Theron following an argument with a bank manager, perhaps due to money loans.

Channing Tatum

Before becoming a famous actor, Channing Tatum first worked as an exotic male dancer trying to make ends meet and pay the bills. Around this time, he was discovered by a Miami-based modeling scout. Following their meeting, Tatum’s life changed almost instantly. He eventually secured booking appearances in commercials, videos, music, and modeling shoots that led to his big-screen debut in the 2005 film Coach Carter. Today, Tatum is one of the most popular actors in Hollywood.

Jennifer Lawrence 

Jennifer Lawrence was discovered at age 14 by a photographer during a trip with her family, walking around in New York. Her mother was asked if she would be interested in doing a screen test. Things subsequently snowballed for Lawrence as she wound up staying in New York for that summer, taking on acting jobs here and there. Since then, she has taken the acting world by storm and great steps for her career investment.