Here They Go Again: Some Ways Celebrities React To Paparazzi

It’s safe to say most—if not all—have had some degree of interest in pursuing a career under the spotlight. Who didn’t dream of being seen on the big or small screens or perform in front of many? It has been a wild dream of many, to be honest. Now, while these are undoubtedly some of the cool things we can do in the entertainment industry, this career is, of course, not without its hurdles. Some of which come in the form of paparazzi.

Even when they’re away from concert grounds, film sets, or studios, it’s no secret that celebrities still have photographers following them around town, capturing photos of them doing just about anything—even eating. Suffice to say, this could get pretty annoying. Even so, it’s nice to see that many of our favorite stars have found ways to deal with them.

Star-Studded Photographers

Besides working on another film or show or performing on the stage, celebrities also attend plenty of red-carpet events, interviews, and other occasions that have them standing in front of hundreds of cameras. Well, after all that time under the flashing lights, it’s no wonder many of them would love to spend some time in private. All that, however, changes once they spot a paparazzo following them with a camera at hand. Well, if there’s one thing stars like Gerard Butler, Mark Wahlberg, and Dustin Hoffman take credit for having in common, it’s that they’re well aware of the notion of fighting fire with fire. Or, in this case, fight cameras with cameras.

Halloween Came Early This Time Around

We all prepare for more than a few occasions every year. It could be a birthday, an anniversary, or a celebration of a goal you finally achieved. Another time of the year many of us, especially the kids, look forward to is Halloween. While some people spend a good portion of their investment money purchasing costumes, others prefer to go for the more homemade route. This could mean going for something as simple as a blanket with two eyeholes. Keep in mind that trick-or-treating happens at night, so why is this ghost-costumed fellow walking about in the day? Wait, it’s just Alec Baldwin avoiding the paparazzi.

Just Smile and Wave

As much as it is a bit of a hindrance, it’s safe to say encountering the paparazzi will always be a part of a celebrity’s life. All that’s left to do is find ways to deal with them. Well, while you’re at it, at least do something that’s entertaining for both parties. One such star who takes credit for doing precisely that is Ricky Martin. He knows he’s Livin’ la Vida Loca under the spotlight, so might as well give those photographers a wave of hello.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ryan Gosling, & Daniel Radcliffe

It’s important to have a good meal, for sure. After all, food is like gas or fuel for our bodies. With that said, it’s also secret that we’re quite particular with people staring at us while we’re eating: it doesn’t feel nice to be stared at, in just about any situation, really. Such was the case for stars like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ryan Gosling, and Daniel Radcliffe. They noticed photographers picturing them enjoying their meals. Let’s just say they made it a point to let them know they didn’t like that.

Jim Carrey

We’re often told to make the most with what we have. Well, by the looks of it, Jim Carrey undoubtedly made the most with what he had during that one time he was at the beach. Along the way, he spotted a photographer following him around. Now the thing is, there are usually little to no hiding spots at a beach, so the actor had to improvise. To his credit, he thought of the most unexpected solution. If the paparazzi want to take photos, let them—and make it a shot worth taking.

Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, & Benedict Cumberbatch

Marvel has spent plenty of investments producing movies based on their massive comic book franchise over the years. Thanks to this endeavor, stars such as Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, and Benedict Cumberbatch have had the chance to land roles in several of their movies, notably the Amazing Spider-Man films and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With all that fame, it’s no secret that they’ll have cameras following them around almost all the time. While hiding from them is a go-to solution, this trio also took time to promote other things while they were at it, like supporting charity programs or visiting another country.