No, It’s Not Who You Think It Is: Celebrities In Disguise

While it may be a dream for many to have a life under the spotlight, it’s no secret that being a celebrity, like many things, has its pros and cons. Even so, that doesn’t mean we should just let the bad stuff take the best of us. Well, by the looks of it, these celebrities thought the same thing, too.

Besides the investments they have made in their careers, working on movies, shows, or music, celebrities also know how to have fun. One such way is going around in public in disguise so people may not recognize them—until they do, of course.

He’s Back

Arnold Schwarzenegger has garnered a skyrocketing degree of recognition for his work in the film industry. Initially a bodybuilder before pursuing an acting career, Schwarzenegger is now often associated with his role in action films, especially as the titular character in Terminator films. With that in mind, it’s no surprise he took the chance to don the character’s iconic costume once more for a prank at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. He pretended he was a wax figure, and many people unknowingly took photos with the actor. Of course, he didn’t settle with just that: he revealed the prank to them in the end, which resulted in plenty of wholesome interactions with fans.

Heidi-ng In Plain Sight

Perhaps it’s safe to say being a model has its perks, especially with this article’s topic. With that said, Heidi Klum takes credit for being one of the most recognized figures in the fashion scene. Besides gracing the runways and appearing in movies and shows here and there, Klum is also quite fond of dressing up for events. In fact, her outfit could sometimes make her look like someone else. For one, back in 2013, for that year’s Halloween party, the Project Runway judge had some help from an Oscar-winning makeup team in making her look like she had aged a significant amount in just a short span of time.


Cool Mask You Got There

Here’s another star who got her first shot to fame in the modeling scene. Cara Delevingne began her career under the spotlight around 2009 and eventually won a Model of the Year award in 2012 and 2014. She’s also recognized for her interesting attitude, so it’s no surprise she was once spotted leaving a studio in—out of all things she could’ve worn—a gas mask. Suffice to say, long-time fans of the actress/model perhaps weren’t all that surprised with it: this just suits her image too well.


This Makeup Artist Has To Be Lion About Something

It’s no secret that the entertainment industry will never run out of celebrities. There will always be a new star on the rise. Such is the case with actor Ansel Elgort. Debuting his career with an acting credit in 2013’s Carrie, Elgort has since become known for his work in the musically-inclined action thriller Baby Driver, the romantic drama The Fault in Our Stars, and most recently, the 2021 musical West Side Story. With his reputation, it comes as no surprise Elgort now has a massive fan base, with one of its members being host Jimmy Kimmel’s very own niece. Knowing this, Elgort decided to meet her as a makeup artist dressed up as a lion. Needless to say, the eventual reveal had Kimmel’s niece starstruck.


The Best Disguise Is To Be Yourself

Although Bryan Cranston’s earlier acting gigs were for comedy-oriented projects, including sitcoms such as Seinfeld and Malcolm in the Middle, the actor garnered a high degree of praise and recognition for his stint as Walter White in the crime drama series Breaking Bad. In 2013, Cranston attended that year’s Comic-Con, and to prevent any attention, he went in disguise. He dressed up as his on-screen Breaking Bad persona, wore a Walter White mask, and spoke in a higher pitch. With that said, all eyes were finally on him when he went to the Breaking Bad panel and took off the mask.

Spider-Man’s Number-One Fan

Sometimes, we forget that celebrities are just like us—people. They’re not just personalities we see in movies, shows, or concert stages; they also have hobbies and are fans of something. For one, Andrew Garfield credits Spider-Man/Peter Parker as one of his greatest inspirations. In 2011, a year before he got his debut outing as the web-crawler in 2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man, Garfield attended Comic-Con wearing a store-bought Spidey suit. He was the first audience member to head to the microphone during the Spider-Man panel. With that said, he then expressed how much he loved the character before finally revealing himself to the ever-enthusiastic audience.