Let’s Take A Look at These Unique and Weird Houses from Around the World

There is a saying that goes, home is where your heart is. We agree that there is a certain degree of truth to this. After all, the place where we choose to call our home is where we are most comfortable. It is where we plant our roots and raise our families. As such, we fill our houses with the things we hold dearest to our hearts. This just means our homes exude our personalities.

With that being said, let us travel around the world and look at some of the most bizarre and unique homes we found on the internet. From the Dumpster Home in the Big Apple to the Ancient Cliff House in China, these have unique and interesting stories worth reading about.

Airplane House, Miziara, Lebanon

Miziara is a village located in North Governorate in Lebanon. Here you will find some of the most eccentric houses in the country. Some of which resemble Greek ruins and Egyptian pyramids. However, the famous Airplane house probably takes the cake. It was originally built back in 1975. Sources say that an Australian-Lebanese couple made some investments to call this bizarre property their home.

The house was made to look like an Airbus A380. The owner, Michael Suleiman, shares that he has had a fascination for airplanes ever since he was a kid. So he simply made a childhood dream into a reality. The airplane-house is a two-story building with 30 portholes inside. The design is complete with a cockpit and landing wheels.